Hej, welcome. I’m Nico.

I’m a Freelancer in Communication Design, Photography, and Transformation — based in Berlin, Neukölln.

I’m currently focused on my studies at the University of Arts, Berlin, in »Communication in Social and Economic Contexts« with a focus on transformation and resilience in society through design and climate change.

I used to work as a Graphic and Interface Designer at sinnwerkstatt Medienagentur GmbH and Communication Designer at Fairphone.  Plus former member of Thinkfarm Berlin and Viva con Agua Berlin.

Besides studies and work, I’m trying to set up a sustainable Platform called »nachhaltige gestalten« for designers to develop new environmentally-friendly solutions and discuss possible future focuses.

The overall interest lies in design, sustainability, social and organizational processes, future research, NGO work, and fair electronics. And I am singing with the Berliner Kneipenchor.

In case I can help you with something related to the points above, or you would like to have a chat, feel free to message me anytime. I’d be delighted.

Berlin 2020